Monday, January 21, 2013

Recflection Paper - Foundational Principles of Morality and You

Leonardo Z. Camboja Jr.                                                             Teaching Profession
BEE-2                                                                                      Dr. Olga C. Alonsabe, Ph.D.
January 8, 2013                                                                        MWF – 5:30 – 6:30PM
Reflection Paper – “Foundational Principles of Morality and You”

"A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops."

          Yes, that's true. The influence of the teacher never stops because throughout the life of the teacher is the model of the children not only by children but all the people of the community. This virtue which the teacher possess should be maintain, being a virtuous - you have acquired good habits and attitudes and you practice them consistently in our daily life. Every human being created by image and likeness of God, God wanted us to be imitating his actions and applying his teaching to everyone that needs our services. This is how we can show to our good intentions to others,  to let the  children learn good values by teach them how to be  good to their fellow children and respecting them in any form of  actions inside or outside the classroom. Example: asking permission if you used his/her belongings. These values derives from the influences of teacher, He shows the importance of being honest to someone.
          The life of the teacher remain a paragon of virtues to the community where he/she getting old. The Community is expecting to be a leader and stewards of his/her children. Even in worst problems has teacher encounter he/she remained calm, effective and prayerful because we can act rightly to the good of everyone. According to Panizo claims "A virtue is no other than a good habit." is way of practicing and develops it into a good habit.

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